Brenda Schultz Project

Brenda Schultz had been visiting a friend in the country. It was dark out, and she fell off their 15 ft. high deck and shattered her spine in four places and damaged her spinal cord. The next thing she knew, she was in the hospital. Surgery at the University of Alberta was followed by months in the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary for extensive rounds of rehabilitation. Brenda is currently undergoing another month in a rehabilitation program in California. She has been separated from her family for all but a short time since September; she spent about a month at home waiting to get into the facility in California.

While she was at home, it was very apparent that her 50 year old rented home was not going to work for a wheel chair. True-Line has decided to help Brenda into a wheel chair accessible home. We have one of the new narrow lots in Vanier Woods picked out for her. Our plan is to build approximately an 1100 sq. ft bungalow with the basement developed along with an attached garage. There won’t be anything super extravagant in the home. We are trying to help her into a house as affordably as possible. Brenda has some friends and family that are willing to do volunteer work to help wherever they can. If you think you might be interested in helping with this by giving a discount on your product or service, or donating labor or materials, anything would be most appreciated.

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