The Final Seven Families say, “Thanks to all the Canadians for Your Help!” Here are the Last of the 36 Families That Just Received New Homes In El Salvador Thanks to These Sponsors

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”

We know, it also takes a generous group of Canadians
to “raise up” that village!

That is exactly what we were able to do in El Salvador – we helped “raise up” a village full of beautiful people…… several villages to be exact! Even if we weren’t able to replace every home that needed it, we were able to deliver Hope. Hope, that they have not been forgotten. Hope, that a generous group of Canadians are helping! Imagine a life without hope!

We are making a difference! Through Shelter Canada, we will build more than 300 houses this year, our True-Line Project will be responsible for forty-one of them.
THANK-YOU  to all that have helped!!

If you are interested in donating or getting involved, please contact me: 

Here are the final seven families that we built for in January of 2015
(I will be returning to El Salvador with the other team leaders
in April to build our last five houses)

Thank-you so much to The Scottsville Group for sponsoring our project again this year.
Four more families will be in safe new homes thanks to you.



Here are the first three families sponsored by Scottsville, the fourth house we will build in April.

The first family is the Mejia Family; José, and his wife Marta along with their two sons, José and Carlos. The house in the photo below is where they were living while they were waiting for their new home. They are going to keep this old structure to use for storage and cooking. José Sr & Jr both worked very diligently on the houses all week.

Family number two is the Bladimir Family; Santos, Claudia and Maria. They were such a sweet family. They were living with family members and didn’t even have a home of their own. Claudia is only 17 years old, they do start their families young in El Salvador.

They were so thankful for their new home for their little family. They couldn’t even believe a group of Canadians would travel so far to help them. Santos farms a little piece of land but barely makes enough to feed his family, never would they have been able to build a safe home of their own.

The Torres Family is the third family that received a home thanks to Scottsville; José, and Julia along with their five children, Enrique, Santos, Dina, Josue, and Iris.

This is a family of seven people of which two of the children are handicapped. Julia has had a very tough life. Her husband died when Enrique, the boy in the wheelchair, was only five. She was a single mom supporting her family for many years before meeting and marrying her current husband José.

This was a very deserving family. Phil Bota was particularly touched by this family, we had a wonderful visit with Julia. Phil shared with her how difficult it is to get around in a wheelchair even in Canada, let alone in El Salvador!  Imagine what it would be like living on a lumpy dirt floor, a rocky yard, streets are stone, gravel or dirt, if of course there even are streets! Very difficult indeed. 

The life changing difference this home will make is hard to even  comprehend! Enrique spent hours every day sitting on that stump leaning up against the wall. He couldn’t get around in the house in the wheelchair at all. Now he will have a cement floor and life will be so much easier for them all! They were unbelievably grateful!

Julia was just in tears as we were building the house for them, she couldn’t even believe it was happening! She wanted to make sure to thank God first, the sponsor of her home and the team that came so far to build it for her family. We were so happy to help this family!

Look at the light coming through all the holes in the roof of her old house, think about the fact that El Salvador has a tropical climate. They have only two seasons, dry season and rainy season, each lasting six months of the year! Almost the entire rainfall occurs during the night during rainy season. Imagine what a difference it is for these families to go from a home with a roof with all those holes to a home with a solid roof that doesn’t leak! It really does change their lives completely! They are no longer wet and cold all the time!


The Torres Family: Julia, José, Enrique, Santos, Dina, Josue, and Iris (José is missing from the photo)

Thanks so much to our friends at Red Deer Speed and Custom for sponsoring a home for the Rivas Family; Pedrina, Francisco, Miguel and Elmer


Orley and Betty Neuert are always doing something to help their community and we are so thankful that they decided to help in a global way with this project. Thanks you guys! Hopefully, Betty, you will be able to join us next year!

Pedrina Rivas is a single mother, here she is with her family, Francisco, Miguel and Elmer. They were very appreciative of their new home. The boys are 15 and 13 and do everything they can to help their family, but they would never have been able to help their Mom get out of the terrible living conditions they were in. Their home was made of sticks and mud and they were always afraid it would collapse on them in an earthquake. In addition to the safety issues, these muds huts are a breeding ground for deadly bugs.

Thanks to Delta Solutions Ltd and All Ways Safety

for sponsoring a home for the Ayala Family

Thank-you so much Ad Karsten, (also a key sales person at True-Line), and Rhonda Duff for sponsoring a home along with your friends Barry and Glenda Rivers of All Ways Safety.

Meet the family sponsored by Delta Solutions and Always Safety. Here is the Ayala Family; Luis, Antonia and Maideline. They are a very hardworking young couple. Luis was a great worker and a quick learner, a real pleasure to get to know. He worked very hard with the teams building the homes in his community all week. He was very proud of the work he did and he plans to continue helping other families as long as there are teams coming to help.

Luis farms a little two acre plot that provides food for his family and a few dollars when he is able to sell some of his crop. Most of the men in the area are farmers but after a year’s worth of work they will usually make less than $200 for the entire year. It is impossible for them to build a new house like this without our help.

Thank-you Daryl and Darlene Chambers for sponsoring a home for the Reyes Family

This family was very thankful for their new home. Santos is shown above in the doorway of her old mud house. It was the very typical mud house with a dirt floor. We are just getting their home started in the photo above. Still standing is their shed for storage. The old house wasn’t in much better shape than this shed. Just look at the sheer joy on the faces of Santos and and her son José when they received the keys to their home.

Santos was very fortunate to be blessed with the land to build the house from her brother, shown above, he is just so happy to be able to help his sister. He told me he was blessed with a piece of land from his wife’s family so he chose to gift this piece of land to his sister. All he wanted in return was my team t-shirt which we presented to him at the key ceremony. He said he was going to take it home and hang it on his wall to look at every day! Bless his heart! He was fantastic to work with, he doesn’t have a lot himself, but rather than trying to sell the little piece of land, he chose to give it to his sister…wonderful!

Thank-you so much Gerry and Rita Carriere for sponsoring a home for a family this year. 

The family that received the home you sponsored is the Martinez family; José & Dilma along with their four children Leonidas, Jernan, Zaira and Jansi. They all worked very hard all week helping wherever they could. José is a farmer struggling to support the family and Dilma does what she can by baking bread and selling it when she can.

In addition to farming, José is a minister and he is hoping to be able to get some kind of structure to use as a church for services in their community. He thanked God first for the blessing of a new home, thanked the team for coming to build their home and thanked the Canadians that sponsored their home. He asked that God Bless the Canadians with twice as many blessings as they gave to everyone in the community. José was a very gracious and humble man, so thankful for this safe new home for his family.

It’s hard to even describe how thankful everyone is for their little 400 sq ft home, please know how important everyone of you are that help with this. Whether your donation is time or money, we couldn’t do it without you!
God Bless you all! …… Sue

A donation of only $3000 will build a home for a very needy family. If you are moved to help, you can send your cheques made out to “Shelter” to our True-Line office. #140, 4731-61 St, Red Deer, AB T4N 7C9. Or email me if you would like to do a credit card donation,  A Canadian charitable tax receipt will be issued for all donations. Our American friends, please feel free to donate, your Uncle Sam just won’t recognize a Canadian charitable tax receipt, but your donation will still build a house!! A donation of any size is welcome!

Thank-you for following along with our project through this blog. It is truly an amazing project. To be able to bless these families with a new home is unlike anything we have ever experienced!

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