Thanks Lorraine Thexton and Family, Such Great Supporters! Meet Five More Happy Salvadorian Families!

When I shared my El Salvador experience with my good friend Lorraine Thexton, I never dreamed she would get as excited as I am about this project! But I sure am glad she did, as are many many Salvadorian families! Lorraine has a passion for these people that is just beautiful!

Lorraine enjoying time with the women and children sharing tooth brushes and toys

Lorraine enjoying time with the women and children and distributing tooth brushes and toys

Below are a few words from Lorraine when we were in Victoria: 

Upon completion of our first day of construction in the small community in Victoria, El Salvador, our crew is feeling not only exhaustion but overwhelming gratitude. We are 19 enthusiastic volunteers working with many local people to ultimately build 18 homes in a week.

2015 Week One team in Victoria, along with Angelina our cook for the week.

2015 Week One team of 19 volunteers in Victoria, in Angelina’s little restaurant where we will eat for the week.

To have the opportunity to change a person’s future by giving them a healthy safe environment is a blessing and also a lesson in gratitude.  I am meeting so many people who share their love which is humbling for those of us who have so much.
I distributed toys to the children, a simple car, a picture or a stuffed animal, and saw pure joy and pleasure in their smiles. The Cars and Princess stickers were also a big hit.


This is my third year  building houses in El Salvador. It gets better every time.

I am meeting people who we have built for in the past who have their homes and are out assisting in the construction of the neighbors homes.
They are so proud of their homes.
Every home built affects  not only that family but also the community.

Thank you Lorraine for sharing your words, your time and your resources to help so many people……….This just could not happen without people like you and your family. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for the people of El Salvador. You have been there almost as many times as me, so you know how extremely grateful each family is for these simple little homes.

Lorraine, here are the families that you and your family sponsored this year:

Thank you Dave Anderson and Michelle for sponsoring a home again this year.

Michelle & Dave Anderson

Michelle & Dave Anderson

The family you sponsored this year is the Moreno Family: Rafael, Iris and José Moreno

_DSF4652-1485 2015 HO 3This is the first family we met  when we arrived in Via Victoria. They were just in tears when we went to see them and tell them we would come and build their home this week. They could not believe we were really there to help them. They were living in very awful conditions. Their mud hut had holes everywhere and in the rainy season they were always wet.

Rafael just had eye surgery and wasn’t able to work on their own house, but other family members did.  He has helped and will continue to help on many more homes for others in the area though.

Thank you Doug and Erin Anderson for sponsoring a home for the third year.

Doug, Erin, Alissa and Lukas Anderson

Doug, Erin, Alissa and Lukas Anderson

This is the Rivas Family: José & Silvia and their four children; Giovanni, Britani, Estefany, and Yesenia. They were a delightful family to build for. Silvia was always smiling and so thankful for what we were there doing. José worked along side the team and Silivia helped with what she could all week. I am sure they will continue to help as long as there are teams helping their village.

Thanks once again this year to The Jennifer Polyester Foundation,
for a home for a family in memory of Lorraine & Rick’s daughter Jennifer

Meet the Vasquez family: Mercedes, Elmer, Maria, Madeline & Araceli. This family was living in a very unsafe plastic and mud house. They were so thankful for the Canadians that came from so far away to help them and the people of their village.

Thank you so much Lorraine and Dennis for sponsoring two more families this year!
Your generosity is wonderful! Thanks to you, these families are living in a safe, secure new home. 

Lorraine, Dennis and grandchildren, Lukas and Alissa

Lorraine, Dennis and grandchildren, Lukas and Alissa

Here is the Mendez Family. Isidro, Maura, Keady and Marcela. Isidro was a very hardworking farmer. He was really enjoying learning his new skills as a homebuilder! In no time he was up on the roof helping the boys. What fun the guys all had with him. We were really happy to share his excitement with a group photo when we finished the house for his family. By teaching these people how to build their homes, they have a real feeling of accomplishment and pride when they have helped all week building for their friends and family.

The other family that is sleeping in a safe dry home thanks to Lorraine & Dennis is The Calles family: Leonel, Adelina, Ernesto, José, Yoselin and Ronald. There are six people living in this home, unfortunately the entire family wasn’t available for the photos.

Leonel farms a little two acre farm all year for a few hundred dollars. He can barely feed his family let alone ever be able to afford to build them a new home. He was able to earn this new home by helping with the teams for the last two years.

He was so grateful for the opportunity. Look at the difference in his old house (below) compared to his new house (above)

As I repeatedly say, we can’t do this alone!

Thanks so much to everyone that donates money to build houses and volunteers that are willing to go to a country that is not the safest in the world to help these wonderful people. Remember how blessed we are to have been born in North America, we very easily could have been born in El Salvador and we could be the ones dependant on others kind hearts and generosity. God Bless you All for supporting this project.

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