Blue Flame Helps Another Five Families into new Homes in El Salvador!

 Blue Flame-2We feel so fortunate to have Blue Flame supporting our project. They sponsored five houses last year and five houses again this year!!

A heartfelt thank-you to Blue Flame Manufacturing from ten families, 50 real people, real parents and children now living in safe, dry homes in El Salvador! Everyday they thank God and they thank you for this blessing. During the six months of rain, they thank you even more!

Look at the crumbling mud hut this family was living in:

2015 HO 2 These first two families were the last two families we built for during week one. The team had about a 45 minute hike up the mountain and into the one site and 45 minutes back out again, carrying all the tools etc. Half of the team went out to build homes for these two families in the morning while the other half of the team got everything prepared for the key ceremony.   Here is the Pineda Family: José and Maria, they have three children: Yeny, Nery and José JR. José worked very hard all week with the teams.

Here is the Morales family. Sandra Morales is a single mom with two children, Mariano and Elisa. She was just elated when she received the keys to her new home. She was so grateful as she had no way to ever replace that plastic shack by herself! Look at what a difference!! Her beautiful new home perched on the side of the mountain instead of her tiny shack. Just look at the plastic house below and imagine how much happier this single mom is going to be now! Blue Flame you have changed the lives of these people more than you can even imagine! 2015 HO 1

Blue flame

Sandra Morales home #1489 – Blue flame

Meet the Molina Family. This is a family of five. Lisandro & Gloris Molina, they have three children; Jasmin, Arcenio & William. Lisandro and the oldest son William are farmers and were working when the photos were taken. Gloris was very thankful for the Canadians that made this possible.

Here is the Ayala Family: Luis and Lusia and their two children; Edwin and Lucia. Edwin is 13 and already helps his father on their little farm, he no longer goes to school as he has to help support the family. Little Lucia sat in the hammock the whole time their house was being built.

And the fifth family sponsored by Blue Flame this year is the Guzman Family. This family consists of a single mom, Guadalupe and her four children; Salvador, Wilfredo, Mirna and Juan, along with the grandmother of the children, 75 year old Teresa. The boys are farmers helping to support the family. A typical farm is two acres and a family will make a few hundred dollars a year farming. In addition to the farming, they are helping the teams with the construction of the houses in their village. These young men would have felt so proud of themselves when they finished their week of work with us, they worked really hard and learned a lot about the construction of the houses. They will continue to help the teams with houses for their neighbours. While the men were working, the women worked just a hard preparing lunches and snacks for all of the volunteers. The entire village came together to help each other! It is a beautiful sight!

Thanks again for your sponsorship of this great project, these families were feeling hopeless and never dreamed that someone would actually come and help them. And then we did!! God Bless You All!


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