Central Alberta Construction Community – Helping Us Build in El Salvador! Meet Seven More Families

Meet Seven More Families that Received New Homes in January 2015

Welcome to the Jungle!! haha!


I have to give one more shout out to our teams….


Team One

Team One Back Row: Jorge & Anna our translators, Nabil Abu-Ulba, Skyler Whalley, Zac Fink, Brian Steer, Ron Goss, Shawn Mulligan, Middle row: Cheryl Mullaney, Berni Smithman, Patricia Jerome, Jon MacLeod, Craig Smallwood, Wilbur, Middle row: Katie Millaney, Rosita & Pablito, Christie Goss, Lorraine Thexton, Sue Neufeld, Front row: Justin Todd, Trevor Neufeld, Phil Bota, Tyler Neufeld, Charlie.

We were climbing mountains, hauling tools and supplies with us, working in the blazing sun with temperatures in the high 30’s (100*F for our American friends) digging through rock and concrete, slathering with sunscreen & bug spray so we didn’t get sunstroke or Chikungunya (a disease you don’t want that was in the areas where we were working!) working with volunteers that don’t speak the same language and doing it with smiles on our faces and laughs in our bellies!


Team Two

Team Two Hanging on the Back: Sue Neufeld, Freddie, Lorraine Thexton, Back row: Zac Fink, Jonah Cadieux-Johnson, Phil Bota, Middle: Trevor Neufeld, Johnny Crump, Tyler Neufeld, Katie Millaney, Front: Skyler Whalley, Jodi Neufeld, Sandra & Dave Crossley, Patricia Jerome. Hiding: Rodrigo Olivares & Cheryl Mullaney

I couldn’t ask for better people to spend two weeks with! At the end of a hot day of sweaty work we might get a shower, we might not – no water! If we did get a shower, for the ladies, it was a cold one!

 Did anyone complain? NO! No problema it’s El Salvador!

Thank-you everyone for choosing to use your vacation time and money to go to a third world country and work your tails off! My hat goes off to you!

As the Salvadorians say to us all the time, “May God Bless You ALL!! – with many more blessings than you have bestowed upon the people you have helped!”

In addition to the the volunteers that go to El Salvador to work, I must give an equally big shout out to the sponsors of this project! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!
Your generosity never ceases to amaze me! With your donations, in three years, we will now have 100 Families in new homes in El Salvador!! WAY TO GO SPONSORS! Without your donations we could never do this. Believe me when I tell you that when you sponsor a house your money really gets there and provides a home for a very needy family! Families like this: 


This family had been living in this tiny shack for five years! Look at how it was pulling away from the post holding it up. They tried to block the big gaps with plastic and logs, to no avail! They are living in these conditions not because they are lazy but because they just do not have the opportunities.

This man’s name is Milton, his wife is Florinda and their children are Brayan and Heisel. Here they are in front of their new home. 

Milton, Florinda, Brayan and Heisel Calles

Milton, Florinda, Brayan and Heisel Calles

They have been working with the teams for over a year. They have helped build about 35 houses for other families. In addition to helping build houses in their community, they are farmers. They farm a two acre parcel of land. After paying the land owner and the bank he has about 9 bags of beans and corn. This year the price is good, $35 per bag, so they will have $315 worth for themselves. Some they will sell and some they will eat. That’s a whole lot of work for $315/year. 

So, please know how much your donations mean to these people. They have no way whatsoever to get into a safe home without your help. They are in tears when we give them their keys. So thankful that strangers from thousands of miles away chose to help their family. They must feel overwhelmed to see a team of 16 or 18 Canadians arrive in their village and get to work and in less than a week, 18 families have new homes! Something that they could not do in a lifetime without you. Wow what fun to be a part of something so wonderful! Thank-you from the bottom of the hearts of every family in El Salvador. God Bless you all! 


 Thanks so much G&G Plumbing and Heating for supporting our project for the third year!

GG-FullThe Guzman family was just recovering from the disease Chikungunya. It is a disease spread by mosquitos and had afflicted several families in the community. The baby was still sick so he missed the photo in front of the home as he was sleeping. They are so looking forward to a home where they can keep their family safe and dry. They couldn’t believe a company from Canada was willing to sponsor a home for them, they were so thankful.

Note: In case you missed it on the first post, for those of us that aren’t as tech savvy as some, click on one of the photos to see a slideshow of the family that received the home and to return to the main blog, click the X in the top left corner to get out of the slide show….(young people stop laughing at us!)


Thank-you Door Masters for sponsoring a home again this year and for allowing your manager Shawn Mulligan to join us in El Salvador.



The Cabrera family was so happy to be receiving the new home you sponsored. All three of the men have been helping with the teams for a year now and plan to continue helping the people of their community. They had been living in a very unsafe home and could hardly describe how thankful they were, first to God, then to the Canadians that sent help from so far away. Thanks again Dan and the team from Door Masters.


Thank-you Graceland Electric for always stepping up and sponsoring the charitable projects we get involved in. Your support of our El Salvador Project for three years is awesome!



Travis and Megan Baldwin, Ainsley & Henley

Here is the family that you sponsored this year. Moses, Santos, José & Celena Hernandez. They were an absolutely delightful family! Moses was so cheerful all the time. He was such a hard worker and a great photographer’s assistant, we had tons of fun together. They were so thankful for the home you sponsored, they really want you to know how much they appreciate the Canadians supporting this project and the teams coming to their remote village to help.

Bryan Baldwin volunteered with us in El Salvador in 2014, hopefully you can come again sometime soon Bryan!


Thank-you so much Aspen Developments for sponsoring our project again this year.

Aspen Logo - Use this one

Here are the two families that you sponsored

The first family is Justo & Felicita Hernandez. They have seven children of their own and right now are raising their grandson, 15 year old Jesus. This family was so thankful for this blessing, first from God, second from the Canadians that provided the funds for the home and thirdly for the team that travelled all the way to El Salvador to help build their home for them. Justo and Felicita are both in their seventies and have never had such a beautiful home!


 This is the second family sponsored by Aspen Developments, Milton & Florinda Calles along with their two children, Brayan and Heisel. I talked about this family at the beginning of this post. Milton was such a help to the team, he worked really hard with us all week. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know this family. Given an opportunity, Milton would definitely succeed in life. He was smart and ambitious. It was such a joy to help them out of their terrible little shack. 


Thank-you General Appliances for your sponsorship of a home in El Salvador
General Appliances

The family that received your home was headed up by a single mom, Maria Ayala. She has three children, Johana, Rodrigo and Fabiola. She was the first person in the community to step up and help with the construction of the houses. She gets out and works as hard as any of the men. She now feels such a feeling of accomplishment after earning her way into one of the Shelter homes. She will continue to help the teams as we replace other homes in her community. Patricia Jerome, one of our Canadian volunteers that worked right along with the team shared a special bond with Maria and presented her with her hat at the key ceremony. I am sure Maria will treasure it forever. Maria was so thankful for your sponsorship. Although she works really hard she had no means to ever get a new home for her family. She wanted to say thanks to God and to the Canadians that made this happen. 


Thanks so much to Falcon Homes for sponsoring a home in El Salvador this year for this family. 


The family you sponsored are Carmen and Luciano Ayala, along with their three children, Kevin, Oscar and Ever. Both Carmen and Luciano were working very hard with the teams on the homes. They were so thankful to be receiving a new safe home for their family. They were living in a terribly unsafe home and now they can sleep soundly at night, not worrying if their roof will cave in on their heads. They couldn’t believe we had actually come all the way from Canada to help them. Before we came, no one had ever been to their remote village to help. They wanted to make sure their sponsor knew how much they appreciated the kindness that was shown to them from someone so far away. 

With help from our local partners, we are able to change the lives of so many people. Thank-you all so much for helping with this project.

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