36 Houses Are Complete in Two Weeks!!

36 Houses are complete in Two Weeks!! Way to go teams!!

Due to a serious lack of decent internet this past week I wasn’t able to post as much as I wanted to. So sorry to the families of our team that were watching for updates. It was not because of a lack of trying…I was on the computer for hours and hours trying to coax things along, but to no avail. Oh well, as we say, It’s El Salvador we have to be “FAT” Flexible, Adaptable, and Teachable. We take it all in with a smile and just go with the flow!

All that matters is we had a beautiful two weeks and made lasting relationships with 36 families that are now living in a safe secure home. They feel valued, blessed and loved. What more could a person ask for? God shone his light on close to 200 people with new casas with help from all of our sponsors and volunteers.

Proud New Home Owners in San Vicente!

New Home Owners Week Two

This week’s 36 families!

It’s hard to believe our two weeks are coming to an end. When we headed out it seemed we had set a pretty lofty goal. We were determined we could complete 36 houses. That’s six more houses than last year.

_MG_8996-12But our teams of tremendous volunteers got the job done and did it with smiles on their faces, we replaced 36 houses like this:


These two children were living in this plastic house and stood and watched the whole time their new home was being build._DSF8747


See below, her old house is in the background. Unfortunately there are more people still living in the old house waiting for a new home to replace it. _DSF8742


What a pleasure to help change the lives of such beautiful children that don’t deserve to be living in such utter poverty. The area we were building in again this week is as bad as we ever see! There are just so many families that need our help!!

One of the highlights of this years trip was getting to visit the very first family I had the pleasure to help bless with a new home.

DSCF0910_2Anyone that has been following our journey over the past four years will recognize this family as the ones I have used on our brochures. They made such a huge impact on my life. After meeting them I set a goal to raise enough money to return the following year and build 30 houses, and with the help of the generous people of Central Alberta we did that and then some.

Every year I would ask to go build in Rio Frio again so I could see them again, but there was always somewhere else that needed our team. But this year we were building just a few miles away from where I very first fell in love with this project and the people of El Salvador and I was able to go visit this family again. 






I was a little unsure if they would remember me as well as I remembered them, after all, I was just one person on a team of about 15 people. But to my delight and surprise, they remembered every detail that I remembered. Right down to the the promise I made to them when I last saw them, “I will return next year with more people and build many more casas!”

I often wondered what they thought about me. I made them a promise and I never got to see them again. Did they think I was just talking like so many others in the past had done in their country.



He said to me, “I have thought about you everyday for four years. Every night for four years before I go to bed, I thank God and I think about you! I worried maybe you got sick and died, you promised to return and I never saw you again!”

I was so happy to tell him I kept my promise and did return the very next year and every year since. Together our True-Line teams have build 100 houses since that first one. It was an absolutely beautiful reunion! He remembered every detail of our first meeting. The fact that I had gone into their old home to see their sleeping baby, she’s the one in the red below:

They now have five children! See how grown-up the older girl is in the photo above!


I always tell the teams we are making a huge impact on these peoples lives and this really proved just what an impact we are making. Even if we don’t remember every detail of every family, I know each family remembers every detail about the team from Canada that came to a far away land to help someone they had never met before! I know we are doing a wonderful thing for people that feel like they have been forgotten.

DSCF1031_2This house was in my first book as well, I said “This is the next home to be replace” and sure enough when we got there, this home was gone and in it’s place a beautiful shiny Shelter home!


The trip to the orphanage to deliver the photo books we made was an absolute delight! 

Thanks Paul at The Printing Place in Red Deer for these beautiful books, the kids loved them!



They couldn’t wait to get to their seats to look at them Trevs_007




We personalized each book with a photo of themselves along with a group photo





They presented us with a beautiful thank-you card that the kids made and each child personally signed._DSF8946



Trevor had a great time with the kids. We had to print a few last minute pictures because we wanted to make sure everyone had a personalized book, including all the staff. The kids were really curious about what he was doing. _DSF8888


For fun he started playing with Photo Shop and put someone else’s long hair on the wrong person or gave a little kid huge muscles or a giant nose. The kids were having a ball. They couldn’t get close enough so some of them were climbing a ladder to look over the wall to get a better look! _DSF8894

_DSF8895It was such a blast for them all, he was totally swarmed with kids! And grown ups too!

And now some random photos to enjoy:

_MG_8894-1Jonah and his best buddies!











Our last day before the key ceremony we headed out for a beautiful hike up to the top of one of the mountains. I guess we didn’t get enough hiking in Victoria! It seemed like a piece of cake hiking for fun and not carrying heavy bags of tools, big jugs of ice water, ladders, etc_DSF9021







Gotta keep the kids safe on the school bus!!


Tyler had to stop and buy this beautiful piece of almond wood I believe it was, from the man above for $15. He wanted to bring it home so bad and turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture, but that wasn’t going to work out so he donated it to our driver who also loves wood working.


_DSF9004This was the man’s place














See in the back ground, there is an active volcano, that has been spewing away!


We could see for miles in every direction. The highway above is the main highway we travel on. It goes right through the country.

Adios all…. if you made it all the way to the end of this long post, thanks, I know you are truly interested in our adventure!! We thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us on this journey!

Please keep watching for all the homeowners and sponsors. I need a little more time at the computer to compile and organize all the information for you! A project for Canadian soil!!

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