Team Two is Going Strong in El Salvador!

We are getting into a real rhythm, all the new guys are catching on really quickly and the old guys are just humming along. We are having a great time teaching the locals how to build.

week two_002-2 week two_003-2

week two_020

week two_001

We are the very first team to build houses in this area, so we are pretty excited to work with the people. We are way out in a very remote village that appears to have been forgotten by everyone.

week two_017


week two_024The people have been telling me about the devastation that they lived through after Hurricane Ida slammed through here in 2008. The area we are working in was one of the hardest hit. Their houses are not too far from the river and with all the rain and flooding, the bridge was washed away and the were completely isolated from everyone else. They were flooded and many homes were destroyed. The Red Cross was flying helicopters in and dropping food and rescue supplies down to them because no one could get into help them.

week two_010

That was a long time ago now, but they have never recovered and they have never received help. They can’t even believe we are here to help them! They are as thankful and deserving as any people we have yet met here.

week two_009

The men that build some of the houses when the teams aren’t here have been in and started to build a few houses, but there haven’t been any teams here yet until ours. We are so thrilled to be here to help them. They are just beautiful people and so desperate for some help.

week two_022

week two_023

They are all poor farmers working for just a few hundred dollars a year! Yes a year! Many of the people that will receive houses this week do not even have a house. They stay with family or put up a plastic house. There’s no chance of staying dry in the rainy season which will be upon them in just a few months again.

week two_032

Hallelujah we are here to help 18 families this week into safe and secure housing!!week two_004-2

Below is a blog entry from Katie Mullaney. We are so thankful that Skyler and Katie chose to stay and help us again this week, they are a great help! Please enjoy some words from them….

I am starting to get quite tired overall… We have worked so hard…And I find myself feeling a bit sad at how we live in Canada… Almost guilty at how our society lives…How we take advantage of so much…We expect certain things… But most of the world does not have what we have…

The fact that children have the opportunity to go to school… The fact that when we turn on our taps we always have fresh and safe water… That we can do laundry in our own houses and don’t have to go down to the river… Our indoor hygienic plumbing… Our social welfare system to help those who cannot help themselves… Our medical system… The fact that as Canadians we can walk into any Canadian hospital and have fully paid for care…Our high paying jobs… Our grocery stores… Our opportunity  to buy cars to get us from A to B… The all inclusive vacations we take…The safety that our government and policemen provide us…. Our warm and safe homes with nice ( non-dirt) flooring and access to safe electricity…the list is endless….

week two_015

And we as Canadians complain about such petty things like our coffee not being how we ordered it … Or the line up at Wal-Mart being to long… Come on Canada relax!!!

We can so learn from the Salvadorians… What is truly important in life… To help one another and your family… Be a community and help those who are in need… Demonstrate love and compassion…. Because maybe the next person will pay it forward and eventually our world will be a better place… One person at a time…


~Katie and Skyler

week two_029

week two_033

and some photos from our day, so glad we’ve got the pro with us, thanks Trevor for your great shots:

week two_045

week two_044

week two_043

week two_042

week two_041

week two_040

week two_039

week two_038

week two_037

week two_036

week two_035


week two_034

week two_026

week two_016

week two_007

week two_001-3


week two_008


And guess who loves babies as much as I do! yup, this baby is only eight days old! 
week two_005

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