A trip to the orphanage to finish off our Week

It’s El Salvador!! I haven’t had proper internet for the last couple of days, and I couldn’t get any photos to load onto the blog, so anyone one from home that has been waiting for word about your family, please know we are all safe and sound and as soon as I figure out the best way to get things to load, I will send you a whole bunch of photos. Right now, here is the tail end of week one that I finally got to load, week two will begin soon:

What a great way to finish off week one. We took a trip to the orphanage to take the annual photos of the children.


Orphanage low res_117

Orphanage low res_130

Orphanage low res_132

Orphanage low res_134

Orphanage low res_140We have a big surprise for them next week when team two visits. We have printed photo books for them, Thanks Printing Place for a great job on the books!

Trevor is getting all set up on his fancy make-shift tripod for the group shot, his real one was buried in the mountain of luggage on the bus.

Orphanage low res_097

Orphanage low res_001-3Trevor has a better one we are going to print for the kids, this was just a test shot I took with my camera to see if the fancy try-pod I set up for him would work.

Orphanage low res_001Unfortunately we were more than two hours late for our visit because our bus had a flat tire on the way. The driver limped the bus down the road to the local tire shop…..nice eh?

Orphanage low res_001-2

We all had to pile out of the bus while the driver tried to fix it. I felt a bit like we were sitting ducks along the highway.

Orphanage low res_046

It was the main highway, so I was hoping no one would come and mess with us. After sitting there on the side of the road for quite awhile some army guys drove by and looped around and came walking up to us with their M16’s, when they first walked up I was sure hoping they were the good guys, but they were and they created a perimeter and stood guard around us.

Orphanage low res_040

Orphanage low res_035

It was a bit unnerving to think we needed the national guard there to protect us, but we were pretty happy they were there.

Orphanage low res_038

After some major struggles with the tire and some help from a couple of strong Canadiens they got the tire changed and away we went, not worse for wear!

Orphanage low res_045

Orphanage low res_042

Just another day in El Salvador! A couple hours late, but we were back on the road all safe and sound!

When we arrived at the orphanage the kids were so excited to see us again, they had so many hugs and smiles to hand out!Orphanage low res_015

Orphanage low res_007

Orphanage low res_006

Orphanage low res_005

We brought along a whole bunch of footballs that the Calgary Stampeders donated to us and everybody had a great time playing catch. Those kids had a wicked throw!

Orphanage low res_128


Orphanage low res_074


Orphanage low res_078


Orphanage low res_031

Even the little ones could throw as far as the adults. They had the guys in a real sweat!

Orphanage low res_017

Orphanage low res_016

Thanks Jodie and the Stampeders for all the little footballs,

Orphanage low res_069

more hours have been spent playing with the balls than any other toys we brought down here! Orphanage low res_011

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