Ten Houses Down – Eight more to go!

Ten Houses Down – Eight more to go!

We had another amazing day in El Salvador! This lofty goal of eighteen houses has the team all working their tails off! Literally sun up to sun down. I’m rushing to get the teams back in the truck and loaded up before it gets dark at 6:00. We don’t want to be out in the villages after dark. _DSF4889

The first build day we completed four and a half houses, today we did five and a half! Ten down! And that’s working in blazing heat, I’m not sure exactly how hot it was, but probably mid thirties! I tell you, this is an amazing group of people working this hard and not a complaint!

And now some words from our construction supervisor at True-Line, Brian Steer:


First I would like to send happy birthday wishes to my son Carson happy 16th. My son.

Well I am sure happy to be back in El Savalador for the third year. We are helping to build a home for18 families along with their help and the community’s support.

I can see and feel the difference in the community from the first year when we had some help on each home we built but not the same faces as the day before. Then in 2014 we had help, and the same people did show up each day with the builds. And this week we have a few helpers from last year still helping this year even though they already have their home and you can tell they have being learning a lot from the teams.


It is so great to run into and hear how thankful these family’s are for the gift they have received and how they are still working to help their neighbours.


 Here’s some photos from the last couple days:

_DSF4863Berni as always, our star tool lady, giving out screws as needed!


_DSF4871Cheryl is doing such an amazing job, Brian has given her a promotion to chief training officer now!

_DSF4859Craig, new man on the totem pole though, is still on the shovel!!


Some of our team is brand new, some are returning.  They all have their own impressions of the experience.  Read on…

_DSF4896Here’s some words from Zac, on his second trip to El Salvador:

This being my second time going I was extremely excited and full and anticipation to return. Working with all the locals and getting to know each other through raw emotion and actions is a feeling like no other. Everyone of these people we build for have been long overdue for something this huge to come into their lives, and to be a part of that cannot be put into words. Going home knowing that all these people we have helped will be safer, healthier and happier than we could ever be is one of the most gratifying things I have had the privilege to be a part of. Thank you to all that have contributed over the years.

_DSF4656Shawn Mulligan from Door Masters joined us this year for the first time, here are a few of his insightful words: My El Salvador experience so far: humbling, beautiful, smiles, gratefulness, children, poverty, community, willingness, happy, faith, survival, welcoming, heartstrings, yearning, health, love, accomplishment, giving, open arms.


How's this for a crew of "handsome hombres"? The boys were really stoked to get new sombreros!

Bonding moments in El Salvador!

Meal time!  Once again, something's wrong with this picture, the top is the locals meal…Mmmmm! The bottom is our tasty peanut butter sandwich!!



_DSF4893Philipito's feet look like the locals, The soles are coming apart so he had to repair them with fancy moustache duck tape, but his toes are all sticking out!These are his favourite roofing shoes and he doesn't want to part with them!_DSF8033

Hope you are enjoying following along, It's after midnight here and I'm trying to stick to my bedtime, so I'm heading to bed!  Enjoy a few extra photos without any notes….._DSF4980 _DSF4968 _DSF4979 _DSF4977 _DSF4960 _DSF4944 _DSF4943 
 _DSF4939 _DSF4935 _DSF4931 _DSF4917 _DSF4912 _DSF4888

4 thoughts on “Ten Houses Down – Eight more to go!

  1. Wow Cheryl, chief training officer…looks like you are working hard and having fun. It is so awesome to see what you guys are doing…keep up the good work!!!

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