First Day of Building is Complete! Four and a half houses down! Thirteen and a half to Go!

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Four and a half Houses are Complete!

These are the families that will receive the homes we are building this week. I am downloading pictures from today’s building, but the internet is very slow, so stay tuned, I will post more photos  really soon. This year I am trying to give myself a midnight bedtime, and that time has come so I have to finish this and post it, or I’ll turn into a pumpkin!

What an enthusiastic team of volunteers we have again in El Salvador! The first day of building is always a steep learning curve, but we had an amazing day! We were able to complete four houses and we have the fifth one ready for the roofing team of Pilipito and one of our first timers, Christie Goss. They are doing a  bang-up job!

Year after year, it always amazes me just how thankful these families are for something that we would consider a such simple structure, but to them, it is a mansion! 

I always encourage the team members to write a little bit for the blog, so please enjoy 

Some Words from Lorraine Thexton:

Upon completion of our first day of construction in the small community in Victoria , El Salvador our crew is feeling not only exhaustion but overwhelming gratitude . We are 19 enthusiastic volunteers working with many local people to ultimately build 18 homes in a week.


To have the opportunity to change a person’s future by giving them a healthy safe environment is a blessing and also a lesson in gratitude . I am meeting so many people who share their love which is humbling for those of us who have so much.I distributed toys to the children today, a simple car or a stuffed animal , and saw pure joy and pleasure in their smiles . The Cars and Princess stickers were also a big hit.


This is my third year building houses in El Salvador. It gets better every time. I am meeting people who we have built for in the past who have their homes and are out assisting in the construction of the neighbors homes. They are so proud of their homes.

Every home built affects not only that family but also the community.

2015 HO 9 2015 HO 8 2015 HO 7 2015 HO 6 2015 HO 5 2015 HO 4 2015 HO 3 2015 HO 2 2015 HO 1


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