It is so great to be back in Via Victoria!

The bus arrived at the hotel an hour early this morning, go figure, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Unfortunately this bus didn’t have a luggage rack on the roof so we were squished in like sardines. We had about 40 huge suitcases with all of our tools, toys and homeowner gifts, along with 20 carry-on bags and 20 more backpacks etc. There were only three people without a seat so we chucked them along the roadside to hitch-hike! Don’t worry though if you don’t see your loved one, they all arrived safely – it was only three people! Just kidding, of course! It’s ok though, it’s El Salvador, my theme here is you just go with the flow!!

Squished on a bus

We made it out to Victoria shortly after 3:00 and unloaded all the stuff, and immediately headed out to one of the jobsites we are going to build on this week. The team got a little taste of what the week will look like.

A long time supporter of our project has arrived in El Salvador with us – here’s some words from Patricia:

It was with eager anticipation that I arrived with the True Line building group in El Salvador. The team members that have travelled here in previous years have been very helpful in preparing us “first timers” for our building adventure and overall charitable experience.

I have always wanted to participate in a project of helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves due to circumstances beyond their control. The world is becoming smaller and just as we help those in our local communities, I feel the desire to give some of my time, talent and treasure to the El Salvadorians who continue to suffer in their poor living conditions. I am grateful for the opportunity to physically participate in building their houses, besides contributing financially which is necessary for these projects to succeed. I know that this week will be an extremely rewarding experience for me.

Today a local church community welcomed us to join them in celebrating the word of Le Señor. We also met one family that we will be building a new house for this week. They graciously expressed their gratitude to us for coming and helping their family and community. The sincerity in their hearts was very emotional for us all as we visited the site for their new house.

I look forward to working alongside the team and meeting all the families whose lives we will significantly impact this week.



It is always very moving when we receive the photos of the families for the week. We finally get to put a face on the people we will work along side of for the week. Today you can see the houses that these families currently call “home”.  By the end of the week, what a difference their homes will be!

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